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If you are borrowing money to grow your turnover through additional marketing or need to buy orders, then the maths are simple.  Providing the profit from the growth is greater than the cost of borrowing, then it makes perfect business sense.  Small to Medium Business Owners are lobbying for more central government support.

Business groups have joined forces to call for improved support for exporters and the appointment of a cabinet minister with responsibility for small companies. The 14 groups, including the ICAEW, IPSE, the Forum of Private Business and the Royal Society of Arts, are pushing for a bolder target for public sector procurement from small companies, demanding that one in three public contracts go to SME outfits. The government has an established target to spend £1 in every £3 with smaller companies, which relates to direct and indirect spending from central government. However, the existing approach has been criticised by the National Audit Office, which said that it was not possible to say whether small companies’ access to public funds was really improving or not.

The Times have reported that a ‘New Campaign Fights for the Little Guy‘ aiming to bring more business to small to medium business in the UK.

We at CBL understand the need for capital injection to grow trade.  Some financial experts say that marketing is a ‘cost’, but we believe it is an ‘investment’ – providing the return is greater than the investment.  We will help you fund your growth without the pain of business business plans and detailed cash-flow projections.

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