How an Immediate Cash Advance Helps When Cash-Flow Slows.

How can Retail Business Owners prepare for a reduction in cash flow as the first quarter of 2017 has seen a slow down in retail sales as UK shoppers cut non-essentials?

One of the best methods of preparing for any loss of trade is to examine where current expenditure can be cut, especially in the area of existing borrowing.  Many business loans are a fixed monthly repayment which can be a good thing, but in time of reducing cash-flow it causes money problems.

An Immediate Cash Advance with all future repayments directly linked to cash-flow may be type of borrowing to switch to?

What Is A Cash Advance For Business?

This flexible method of funding a retail business is simply linked to all future ‘card’ income until the balance is paid-off.  The repayment is agreed from the off-set as a percentage of card income and directly linked to the ‘merchant’ account, so it rises and falls with variations in cash-flow.

A Cash Advance for Business can be used for ‘any’ business purpose; a new project aiming at growth, refurbishment, paying off debts and taxes or refinancing to reduce monthly costs.

Qualification is almost guaranteed but to see how much can be funded with an Immediate Cash Advance, please contact me now for free confidential support.

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