What is Confidential Invoice Finance?

Any business that issues invoices for their services will also issue ‘payment terms’ on those accounts, such as 30 days or more.  Even if customers pay their accounts on time and many do not, this can cause huge problems to small firms in terms of their cash-flow.  The facility to borrow against these invoices has been in existence for many years but understandably business owners do not want their customers to know they are having to borrow money against their invoice.  This is where Confidential Invoice Finance, also know as Invoice Factoring can hide this from the customers.

Adding the ‘Confidential’ facility masks the borrowing from your customers knowledge.  There is no additional charge for adding ‘confidentiality’ to confidential invoice finance.

The trend of this type of business funding has been growing over the last 2-3 years, becoming one of the most popular methods of business finance, topping over £711 million mid 2016.

Sadly, all the large banks will only offer their customers confidential invoice finance when a minimum turnover of £1m per year can be demonstrated, far out of reach of many small firms.  At Corporate Business Loans we can provide an entry level as low as £10,000 per month releasing much needed cash-flow

Qualification is almost guaranteed but to see how much can be funded with a Confidential Invoice Discounting. please contact me now for free confidential support.

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