Time to Double Your Cash-Flow by Capitalising on Brexit-related uncertainty
The Telegraph looks at what Brexit and the triggering of Article 50 means for SMEs. The paper highlights a poll of 1,000 SMEs which saw 34% say they expect the divorce from the EU to have a negative impact on their business – with 17% thinking it will be a positive move and 42% forecasting it to have little impact. Simon Squibb, founder of Hong Kong-based accelerator firm Nest, says he has been drawn back to his native UK by post-Article 50 opportunities and has voiced a belief that companies can thrive by capitalising on Brexit-related uncertainty. To boost this, he calls on the Government to make large-scale investment in infrastructure programmes and avoid altering financial regulation and taxation systems.

What path are you taking your business on? – A Negative, Cautious or Positive one?

Should you be considering a Positive one, then there has never been such a great opportunity to push your business forward whilst your competitors in business take the Negative or Cautious path.

Let me help you eliminate the risk of funding your next project to push up your Cash-Flow.  Borrowing money costs Cash-Flow often leaving any business owner in a dilemma; “I need the capital to invest into future Cash-Flow but at the moment I can’t afford the additional monthly repayments”.  If you are thinking about this dilemma, then join the thousands of other business owners, but let me offer a solution to answer that issue!

How much more confidence would you have to invest in to your business if you could learn and perfect 4 simple small steps that would guaranteed to double your Cash-Flow?

If you need the funds to invest in to your business, then I can arrange a great deal.  If you want to know how to double your turnover in 4 simple small steps, then I can show you how.

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